Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Upon Realizing I am a Slave

The United States has already become a tyrannical state and all of its citizens are slaves.

It might sound like hyperbole I suppose. Some might sneer or mock me, suggesting that believing such a thing is a sign of either mental instability or a lack of intelligence.

I would say, anyone that hasn't had that thought isn't really considering the situation here right now.

  • The government takes a huge portion of every workers salary. That portion is often controlled by the bureaucracy over the 'representatives'
  • US Citizens are the least represented of any democratic state in the world. 
  • The US Govt. can (and does) take whatever property it chooses to without regard for the property rights of its citizens
  • Obamacare has given the government the authority to choose life or death for citizens with the ability to choose which cares for whom and for how long.
  • Presidential Authority has so far outstripped legislative authority, we have a defacto emperor. (See Julius Caesar)
The list goes on, but the truth is, the power no longer resides with the people. The people now live for the state.